Currently: The March Edition

In many ways my life has become full.

I’ve become blessed with new life coaching clients, had proposals accepted for three new trainings and new life adventures. As a result, I have been in a state of continuous rebalancing of priorities each day. This has resulted in neglect of my small space here. Intentions are always good at sitting down to create the posts I have planned and then I must make decisions of where my time goes. I take those moments as a reminder that each day we each make choices in regards to where our energy and time is committed. In full disclosure, I sometimes do not achieve balance and my time is spent in the wrong places.  My priorities become shifted and then I am more drained.

My goal for anyone reading in this space is to realize I attempt to practice what I teach but often fall short. I also have felt achievement.   This is not a space where one will find perfection. However, this is and has always been intended to be a space where I hope one finds inspiration. Life is so much more than the superficial focus our society often has. With all of that being said, I have no intentions of not writing. I miss this part of my creative self and am acknowledging I must find the time. I am also realizing that what I hope to accomplish and what I can accomplish will probably be too different things. Just like my clients, my life is a continuous work in progress.

As I prepare for a few exciting months ahead, here are a few things that are going on currently.

Listening: My windchimes that are a reminder of my Mom. It’s windy here in Kentucky as I write this and I am receiving a combination of the windchimes from my front porch and back yard. It is a lovely sound. Reading: Reading People: How Seeing the world through the lens of personality changes everything. This has become my bedtime reading and I love it. Even if someone who isn’t a fan of Myers-Briggs or the Enneagram, I feel like this book would be interesting.

Eating: Cauliflower Crust Pizza. This Trader Joe’s pizza crust is simply awesome. We’ve had it twice in one week. Thinking we may need to take a break.

Purging: After James began running a few years ago, he is now in need of a new wardrobe. This has resulted in  both of us donating and selling items on Poshmark. It feels wonderful to let go of items we don’t need.

Cleaning: We’ve started spring cleaning the house early. We’ve had some minor repairs completed that have needed to be done and it’s nice to check this off of our list.

Watching: Last week I was finally able to watch some of David Letterman’s “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.” I highly recommend watching the George Clooney episode.

Creating: As I stated above, I was lucky enough to have three presentation proposal accepted. However, these proposals must have submitted slides in March. Not an easy task when there are three of them. However, I remind myself that training is truly one of my career passions and every minute of research and design is worth it when I am in the classroom.

Changing:  I acknowledge I have been elusive in regards to talking about new adventures in the months ahead. One thing I can share is my husband is making a career move into a field he has always wanted to work. Many people know he is an official Bourbon Steward and has always loved discussing the alcohol and beverage industry. With the opening of a Total Wine and More in Lexington, the country’s largest independent distributor of wine, an opportunity to begin working in the field became available.  This is a change from banking and mortgages but a place he has always wanted to be. We also feel that because doors opened it was a move he needed to make.

Of course, with everything comes adjustments. He will return to the retail hours we had when he was a manager at Kroger and it will be a change in our time but seeing him happy and fulfilled is worth it all. Typically March is an odd month in Kentucky and has never been one of my favorites. However, for the first time in a long time I am excited to see March come.

Looking forward to catching up and hearing what you are up to currently!

Here’s to a great March.

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