New Beginnings Are Everyday

New Decade

New Month

New Beginning

I believe that we can start over any day or time we want. However for many, it is sometimes easier to have an arbitrary date to use as a beginning starting point.

  • The start of the year.
  • The start of the month.
  • The start of the week.
  • The start of each day.

The beautiful thing about life is we get a do over – each and every morning.

We are given a fresh start and we get to choose if we,

  • make the same choices
  • take the same actions
  • have the same thoughts

The tragedy in life is if we learn nothing from it.

  • We must remember what worked.
  • We must remember what didn’t.
  • Remember who helped and supported us.
  • Walk away from those who did not.

The wonderful thing about this life is that every ending, whether it be a death, a job, a divorce, a graduation – has a beginning.

Some beginnings are difficult.

  • A premie born too early
  • Starting a new life after an unwanted divorce
  • Relocation to a place where no one is known.
  • Rebuilding a home after a catastrophe.

Even the beginnings we look forward to have difficult moments.

  • Lack of sleep with a newborn baby.
  • Time management with a new job.
  • Adjusting to being a married couple and living together.

I am so thankful for the gift of change. I could sit and share how I hate loss, how I want to keep what I have. Instead, I choose to cherish what I’ve been given. A strong marriage, good health, a warm home, sisters/friends, a squad of humans who love all sides of me, a new day to be who I want to be.

I love turning the page of a new unplanned, unwritten planner, a new month on the calendar.

There will be dreams and hope, starts and stops, sprints and stumbles. Remember each day gives us a second, third, fifty chance for a do over.

2020 can be what I (and you) want it to be.

Happy New Year!!!