Three Questions To Ask For The Holidays

November 20, 2023
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As we enter the final (and busiest)  6 weeks of the year, it can become very easy to become overwhelmed.  This can often feel like the season of “Shoulds” You get the idea.  Many emerge from the end of the year exhausted. Additionally, many feel behind when they aren’t fully prepared with goals and plans for the New Year.  It is likely you will hear many suggestions regarding how to navigate  the holidays and prepare for the New Year of 2024.  As a reminder, simply because something works for your Mom, best friend, neighbor or the celebrity on the podcast, doesn’t mean…

I’m Not Motherless, She’s Just Not Here

May 14, 2023
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Dealing with the loss of a Mother on Mother's Day

This is my 10th Mother’s Day without my Mom. Ten years ago I established a space at How To Make A Life sharing the journey of loss from the perspective of a grief counselor. Initially it was about infertility and loss, the death of my mother and then the caregiving for my grandmother and her death. I wanted to help others see that it is possible to rebuild a life after a loss that can feel so destructive there is nothing left. Writing about my grief was therapy for me. Over time I have written less about grief. I felt…

How To Face Your Fears

January 20, 2020
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The last decade of my life taught me not to be afraid. Well, at least it taught me not to be afraid for some of the time. In December, I shared on my Facebook page about one particular moment that stands out to me over the past 10 years. I am sharing it again as a reminder to myself that I am brave, I know how to face fear and walk away stronger for it. (And so do you) In November 2014, I was visiting Las Vegas (for what became an annual trip for awhile). The High Roller is the…

Do You Allow Yourself To Dream?

January 6, 2020
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Do you allow yourself to dream?

New Beginnings Are Everyday

January 1, 2020
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New Decade New Month New Beginning I believe that we can start over any day or time we want. However for many, it is sometimes easier to have an arbitrary date to use as a beginning starting point. The start of the year. The start of the month. The start of the week. The start of each day. The beautiful thing about life is we get a do over – each and every morning. We are given a fresh start and we get to choose if we, make the same choices take the same actions have the same thoughts The…


Since I personally know what it is like when life doesn’t go “as planned”, I decided to jump into the land of blogging as a way to support my own grief journey.  After many years as a grief counselor, I understood the need to find a tool that would help me, personally.  So, this blog became a strategy to support my self-care and healing process after multiple losses. Today, I use my professional knowledge and personal experience as a blueprint to “Make the Life” of my newfound dreams.  The “How to Make a Life” Blog is a space for me to share information, inspiration and motivation to help others in their own journey.

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Hello and Welcome, I’m Sheryl!

After my personal life didn’t go as planned, I realized I needed to write my own How To Make A Life Manual rather than follow someone else’s. Today, as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Health/Life Coach, I help women write their own How To Manuals and live the life they desire.

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