Three Questions To Ask For The Holidays

As we enter the final (and busiest)  6 weeks of the year, it can become very easy to become overwhelmed. 

This can often feel like the season of “Shoulds”

  • One SHOULD host the holiday get together.
  • One SHOULD make an appearance at each of events invited to, 
  • One SHOULD purchase presents for everyone. 

You get the idea. 

Many emerge from the end of the year exhausted. Additionally, many feel behind when they aren’t fully prepared with goals and plans for the New Year. 

It is likely you will hear many suggestions regarding how to navigate  the holidays and prepare for the New Year of 2024.  As a reminder, simply because something works for your Mom, best friend, neighbor or the celebrity on the podcast, doesn’t mean it will be right for you. 

Honoring yourself and your needs is the greatest advice I can give. However, I know that saying and doing that isn’t easy. 

Today I want to share three questions to consider when planning for the weeks ahead.

What Is My Emotional Capacity?

Too often we overlook our emotions for ourselves to do what we feel we “should” be doing.  We feel we can’t say no and attend every social event out of obligation. We allow ourselves no downtime. We do not slow down to recognize we may be healing from a surgery, grieving a loss or simply feel overwhelmed with the news of the world. 

First, check in with yourself regarding your current emotional capacity. Secondly, take time to consider how you expect events and situations may impact you on an emotional level. Ask yourself if what you will be scheduling will overload you from an emotional perspective. 

What Is My Energetic Capacity? 

Busy” is a word synonymous with the end of the year. 
Busy equals draining from an energy perspective. (Have you ever hear anyone talk about a well rested holiday season?)

Often we drain ourselves out of obligation and fear of missing out. 

Consider catering the dinner or eating on disposable plates. 
Decorate only one tree rather than 5. 

Remember it is better to maintain your energy than to completely drain yourself. Once one is drained, it is much more difficult to replenish energy during this time of year. 

What Is This Season Of Life Calling For? 

Our lives have seasons that do not always match the season of nature or the calendar. You may find yourself grieving a loss or struggling with an illness. You may also find yourself celebrating an accomplishment or anticipating something new. 

It is ok if the season you are in doesn’t match what the world feels it “should” be. This may be the year you choose to do things differently. It doesn’t mean you can never return to how things were. 

Permission Granted 

Remember that SHOULD is criticism of a situation. I have found over the years when I force myself to do the activities I fell I SHOULD be doing, I am left with resentment. Overall, I find I do not enjoy those events like I would like. 

Allow this email to be a permission slip to do what you need over the next few weeks. 

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