Helping women write their own manual.

I'm Sheryl

As your coach, my goal is to not only provide guidance and develop new skills but to help you discover the strengths you already possess.  Through my own journey, I try to provide not only inspiration but motivation that You Can Do Hard Things!

  • Each of us deserves to truly live the life we want.
  • Life is too short to simply exist.
  • Life is too short to wait for someday.
  • Life is meant to be lived.

Are you struggling in your life and asking yourself “What do I do?" Let me help you write your own How To Instructions.

I look forward to helping you explore your “How to Make a Life” through finding your next path and creating your own How to Instruction Manual.


Kind Words

I honestly felt better than I have in months after our Walk and Talk session and could have walked for hours. After just one session, I felt better and found Sheryl helped me break through a creative barrier.


Sheryl has the ability to present challenging trainings that are mandatory and the same information. She presents in an interesting manner that holds the participants’ focus and attention, making it a surprise how quickly time has passed. She handled a large crowd and not so friendly space in a way that made no one recognize the difficulties.


Sheryl helped me not to fear change in life and to develop a tool box of coping techniques I would have never had.


After feeling my life  and health was falling apart, my sessions with Sheryl helped me to see how stress was impacting my health. She supported me as I made various changes and found the best lifestyle fit for me.


By working with Sheryl, I realized I am not a failure! I am who I am and have the ability to make choices to be who I want to be.


One of the most dynamic speakers with the ability to hold the attention of a large audience.


Sheryl gave me the means to understand myself, helped me make personal changes that I needed to identify and wanted and led me into a new personal chapter of understanding and personal satisfaction. She is a professional, wise, spiritual, kind and the support you need. Everyday, I find her voice and wisdom are with me. I can not say how grateful I am to have found her.


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Hello and Welcome, I’m Sheryl!

After my personal life didn’t go as planned, I realized I needed to write my own How To Make A Life Manual rather than follow someone else’s. Today, as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Health/Life Coach, I help women write their own How To Manuals and live the life they desire.

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