Walk & Talk Coaching Sessions

A growing body of research indicates that simply being outdoors in the presence of nature has positive effects on our physical and mental wellbeing. Some people also find it easier to say what is on their mind while walking.  Outdoor therapy has the added benefit of increasing Vitamin D levels, boosting serotonin, improving sleep, increasing focus, and improving physical health.

I believe that  physical Movement Creates Movement  in other areas of our lives.

Walk and Talk Coaching is an opportunity for women in the Lexington, Kentucky area to walk with a personal life coach while identifying and addressing issues of concern. Walk and Talk sessions help one address mental, physical and emotional health at the same time.

These sessions are coaching sessions where the focus is upon helping you improve your quality of life while identifying and focusing upon where you desire to be.

What Happens During a Session?

Sessions will be 60 minutes along one of several beautiful paths in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Suggested trails are the University of Kentucky Arboretum  or another walking trail within the city. I am open to additional suggestions but will need to prescreen the route and location for safety. Walking in neighborhoods is a possiblity but one will not receive the same benefit as walking on a trail or park path.

The pace of our sessions will be at a slow to moderate walking pace. The pace is determined by you and should mimic your regular walking style and allow for talking easily at the same time.

Please note that participating in Walk and Talk Coaching sessions is at your own risk. I can not make guarantees about the safety of locations. Additionally, you should speak with your doctor to verify that walking up to an hour on various terrains is ok for you.

What to Wear

Dress comfortably and for the weather. Plan to wear supportive footwear for the terrain we will be walking and dress in clothing appropriate for the weather or in layers.

What About Weather

Kentucky weather can vary within a 24 hour period. Torrential rain, snow/ice or extreme temperatures are cause for a reschedule or an alternative such as an indoor walking track at the YMCA or meeting elsewhere for a regular face to face coaching session.

Take The Next Steps

There are three Walk and Talk options to fit your needs. Any package can be face to face or Walk and Talk.

How to Get Started Hour / Recconect Session

Perhaps you are preparing for a job interview or beginning to date again or simply don’t know what to do. This may also be used for clients needing to review a new situation.

  • One 15 Minute Phone Call to Establish Focus of Session
  • One 60 Minute 1:1 Session to Discover Goals

How to Move Forward - Monthly Package

A monthly package allows more time to discover, develop and establish your goals.

  • Four 60 Minute Sessions with an Extensive Goal Development and Plan
  • Weekly Email/Text Support

How to Follow Your Path - 3 Month Package

A more extensive package focusing upon goals and allowing for continued support as you become more confident in working toward reaching your goals.

  • Twelve (12) 60 Minute Sessions which can be Used Over the Course of Three Months
  • Weekly Email/Text Support

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