The How To Make A Life Podcast is created for the person who want to be the author of their own story and begin living rather than existing. Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Life Coach Sheryl Woolverton has been helping her clients rebuild their lives and answer the question “How Do I Do This?” in the way they want to throughout her career.

Knowing there is not a one size fits all manual on how to live, Sheryl helps her clients create their own personalized How To Manual. She addresses the struggles we often don’t expect to face such as career changes, health concerns, death of a loved one, relationship issues such as divorce, empty nest and how easy it can be to simply exist. She guides you in answering the question “How do I do this?” helping you to establish healthy habits, routines, goals and dreams specific to their unique needs.

The How To Make A Life Podcast provides tips and suggestions on creating your own How To Manual full of good health, positive relationships, clear mindset and love for oneself.

Remember: Life doesn’t come with instructions – You Get To Create Your Own!

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