Since I’ve Been Gone……

Hello Friends!!  Not sure if you have noticed but I’ve been gone for awhile with only two posts in the past two months. I wish I had time to blog throughout the changes of these past months but I had created an overaggressive work schedule along with major life decisions and changes.

As a result, this space was what I needed to neglect for awhile. Last month I shared that James and I had made the decision to downsize our home.  As much as we loved our home, it was too much space for the two of us and not the layout we truly wanted for our lifestyle. We sold the house within 48 hours and closed 45 days later. As I looked at my calendar yesterday, I realized it had been exactly two months since we signed the paperwork to sell. As I type this it is hard to fully recognize everything that has happened. As it is a new month, I felt it was time to finally reflect upon this time and to provide a Currently Update.

LIVING – We moved only 10 minutes from our old home but it also placed us closer to what some of my friends call the “country.” We have a small yard but an absolutely fantastic view and when I turn right out of our neighborhood, I am truly driving into the countryside. LETTING GO OF – There is nothing that makes you decide if you truly want to keep something than lack of space to store it. The rental house is nice with plenty of room but far from where we were. It feels good to let go of items such as clothes, dishes and house decorations. However, I am not going to lie that there have been some tough decisions.

LOST – During this crazy time, the one thing that kept me sane was participating in the Spring Bootcamp at BarreLex. Unofficially I lost over 12 pounds and at least 13 inches.. Officially (according to the records), I lost almost 9 pounds and 11 inches. This put me in the top three!!

ADDICTED TO – Spin Class. I had to change my class times during the Boot Camp and started doing Spin two days a week  at 5:45 am- and some weeks even more. I will admit that I am more than slightly addicted!

WEARING: Old Navy Swing Dresses and Shorts. I pulled out my shorts to discover that everything was too big. As I would like to lose a little more weight I don’t feel like spending a lot of money on shorts. The Old Navy shorts are perfect and I could wear their swing dresses everyday.

LISTENING ON REPEAT: Even before we saw The Foo Fighters in concert last month, their song Walk had started to become one of my new theme songs…. “I’m learning to walk again. I believed I’ve waited long enough. Where do I begin? I’m learning to talk again. Can’t you see I’ve waited long enough. Where do I begin?”  In many ways I feel that this move has given James and me a chance to start over after living with our losses. PS: The Foo Fighters are one of the best concerts you will EVER attend.

EATTING: Not as well as I would like and sometimes not as much as I should. Hoping to get into a routine of recipe planning.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Taking some time off and doing absolutely nothing. I’ve not stopped and am in desperate need. A few random and silly things I have learned over the past two months:

  • As I moved my clothes from closet to closet, I loved the smell of my perfume on some of the items. Keeping La Vie Est Belle as my scent.
  • One needs less than they have in almost every area of life.
  • I confirmed that I truly am a morning person and am often awake before my 5:00 am alarm.
  • Holding a plank can be one of the most empowering exercises.
  • A Grande Starbucks Coffee Frappacuino is only 240 calories and just as good as a Mocha.
  • A glass of Rosè wine can change your day.
  • I can live in a house that isn’t perfectly organized longer than I expected.
  • Saul Good Restaurant in Lexington has the absolute best gluten free pizza in town! (I get the rosemary chicken pizza)
  • There are times in life when change is exactly what you need.

I am certain there are many other things to include here but this will do for now. As for the summer, I am looking forward to adding more coaching clients, creating more content and enjoying where we have landed for the time being.

What have I missed in your world? 

Wishing you a wonderful June and fantastic Summer of 2018!