With the coming of a new year, everyone is hopeful. As one year ends, the promise of a new beginning brings about the opportunity for change and the chance to be better than the past. Preparation is the best predictor of success in any activity. While there are many things to do prepare for a better 2018, today I am sharing my top five suggestions that will help you have the best year possible.

Set Aside Time For Reflection Upon 2017

This is the one step that the majority of individuals do not do each year. However, without seeing where you have been it is impossible to know where you are going. Set aside time before January 1st to reflect upon the successes of the past year. Ask yourself what the biggest lesson of 2017 has been for you. Reflect upon how happy you are with various areas of your life including career, relationships, family, health, spirituality, fun, personal space and fiances. What areas do you desire to focus upon and change?

Forgive Yourself And Others

Your reflection upon the year may lead to frustration over missed goals and issues with others. The diet failed in May and there was an argument with a friend and estrangement from family.  Take the time to forgive yourself for what you were not able to achieve and recognize that holding emotions towards others is only hurting you. Each of us are human. We make mistakes, we hurt each other but we can also start over. Provide forgiveness to yourself and others in order to move forward.

Establish Realistic and Specific Goals In Several Areas For 2018

Be specfic in regards to what you desire to happen in 2018. It is also beneficial to focus upon more than one area of your life. Focusing upon several areas allows a balance in life.  Begin with smaller goals such as working out three times a week rather than every day. If a job change is a focus, establish goals such as updating the resume and reaching out to 2-3 contacts per week. Each task completion helps in creating the feeling of success which leads to continued focus.

Clean And Organize One Area Of Your Daily Life 

Note this suggestion is to only focus upon a small area of your daily life. As the year progresses, the focus can be upon other areas but start with an area that will be easy to complete.  Begin the year with an email in box free of the numerous emails you do not read. Clean out your car or organize the kitchen cabinet you open every day.

Take Care Of Your Health

Schedule your wellness appointments such as your physical, dental cleanings, pap smear and mammogram. Eat better food. Sleep more.  Eliminate stress from your life in the way of toxic relationships or the stressful job. Schedule an appointment with a counselor to assist you with those feelings of depression or anxiety. Good health is something one does not think about until there is an illness or injury. Recognize that your body is like any other machine and needs to be taken care of and listened to. Perhaps the most important suggestion I can provide is to take the time to S-L-O-W down. Slowing down allows each of us to appreciate what we have, listen to the voice we do not always hear and sometimes change the course of where we are going.

Hoping that you will consider all or a few of these suggestions before the clock strikes midnight. 

Wishing you blessings for a wonderful 2018!!! 


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