The Power of One Minute

October 7, 2019
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How one minute has the power to change your day!

The Necessity of Change and Loss

September 30, 2019
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Changes and Loss. (A necessity we must have.) These are two things that can be expected out of life. Yet, most everyone struggles with. them. I have yet to meet someone who openly embraces change but it is a necessity that everything in life needs. Nature shows us the necessity for different seasons in regards to existence. Although most of us do not feel we have a choice when it comes to change and loss, we do get to choose the perspective in which we take. I have discovered and experienced the different perspectives and how these difference can impact…

How To Stop Saying This Word And Immediately Change Your Life

August 20, 2019
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What if eliminating one word from your daily vocabulary could change your perspective and how you live your life? Would you do it?

When Your Life No Longer Fits

June 1, 2019
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What do you do when the life you created for yourself no longer fits who you have and are becoming?

Since I’ve Been Gone……

June 1, 2018
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Since I personally know what it is like when life doesn’t go “as planned”, I decided to jump into the land of blogging as a way to support my own grief journey.  After many years as a grief counselor, I understood the need to find a tool that would help me, personally.  So, this blog became a strategy to support my self-care and healing process after multiple losses. Today, I use my professional knowledge and personal experience as a blueprint to “Make the Life” of my newfound dreams.  The “How to Make a Life” Blog is a space for me to share information, inspiration and motivation to help others in their own journey.

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Hello and Welcome, I’m Sheryl!

After my personal life didn’t go as planned, I realized I needed to write my own How To Make A Life Manual rather than follow someone else’s. Today, as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Health/Life Coach, I help women write their own How To Manuals and live the life they desire.

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