How To Face Your Fears

January 20, 2020
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The last decade of my life taught me not to be afraid. Well, at least it taught me not to be afraid for some of the time. In December, I shared on my Facebook page about one particular moment that stands out to me over the past 10 years. I am sharing it again as a reminder to myself that I am brave, I know how to face fear and walk away stronger for it. (And so do you) In November 2014, I was visiting Las Vegas (for what became an annual trip for awhile). The High Roller is the…

How To Stop Saying This Word And Immediately Change Your Life

August 20, 2019
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What if eliminating one word from your daily vocabulary could change your perspective and how you live your life? Would you do it?

How To Say No

June 15, 2016
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How To Plan A Lasting Friendcation

September 28, 2015
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Sharing how the ins and outs of planning a perfect friencation.

How to Start a Journal Practice

May 13, 2015
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I personally know what it is like when life doesn’t go “as planned.”  In 2013, I began this blog as a way to share the grief experience of a grief counselor after multiple losses. Today I use my professional knowledge and personal experience as a blueprint to Make the Life of my new dreams. With this blog, I continue to share information, inspiration and motivation to help others in their own journey.

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Hello and Welcome, I’m Sheryl!

After my personal life didn’t go as planned, I realized I needed to write my own How To Make A Life Manual rather than follow someone else’s. Today, as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Health/Life Coach, I help women write their own How To Manuals and live the life they desire.

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